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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Let's say I want a song.  How would this work?

A: You'd contact me and explain what you're looking for.  I'd ask for specific details you want included in the song and about your preferences regarding genre, mood, length, etc.  We'd agree on a time-table, and I'd send you a draft.  Based on your feedback, I'd make revisions until you feel it's just right.

Q: What style of music and lyrics do you write?

A: I have a background in classical and jazz piano, work extensively in musical theatre, and have written in many other styles, including pop and singer-songwriter.  If you have a different style in mind, I'm happy to branch out.  In general, I'd describe my music as catchy and melodic.  I'm comfortable writing lyrics in a variety of styles, and tailor them to the type of song, mood, and subject matter.  But I do have a particular fondness for wordplay, puns, and humor.

Q: What is a home demo recording?

A: A basic piano/vocal recording to give you a sense of the song and supplement the lyric sheets and/or sheet music.  I'm a pianist, not a singer, so if you're looking for stellar vocals and a professionally produced track, check out the "Pro Package" option, in which I'll bring in amazing singers and a recording engineer.

Q: Will the sheet music include a full piano accompaniment or just a vocal line with chord symbols?

A: Whichever you prefer -- or both.

Q: What's your turn-around time?

A: I request two weeks' lead-time before the final song is due (unless you're requesting the "Pro Package," in which I ask for four weeks).  I'm a quick worker (while never sacrificing quality), but I like to leave enough time after producing a draft to talk with you and make any necessary revisions.  

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