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Oran, NY

Sarah is blessed with exceptional lyric-writing skills. Her intelligence, creativity, and wit are evident in every line she crafts. Not only does she possess remarkable talent, but she is also incredibly speedy and easy to work with. Collaborating with Sarah is an absolute joy, and I highly recommend her lyric-writing prowess to anyone seeking laughter, creativity, and musical brilliance.

Jeremy, NY

Sarah wrote lyrics for two of my main songs, “Forbidden Love” and “Way Back When.” She was able to capture the essence of what I wanted so well. I gave her the music, a few key words and a story line and she made magic happen! She’s passionate and cares. Such a talented artist. 

David, NY

Our family had an absolute blast working with Sarah on our Father's birthday music video. After just one meeting with our family, she was able to write lyrics for three different songs that were extremely heartfelt, witty and personal about our dad. Still to this day he talks about how much this gift meant to him. Thank you Sarah!

Joni, DC

For my wedding, Sarah rewrote lyrics to the song "I Say a Little Prayer" from My Best Friend's Wedding, personalized, with different verses for different groups of wedding guests to sing.  I had no idea it was coming, and when my cousin broke out into song in the middle of dinner I was floored (and then imagine my surprise when all the aunts and uncles chimed in!).  The rendition was hilarious and poignant.  Easily the most memorable moment of my wedding reception!

Molly, CA

Sarah has a unique skill in music composition. She composes in multiple aesthetics, from gorgeous dramatic ballads to funny pitter-patter ditties to contemporary genres. To each of these styles she brings a strong sense of musical structure and melody. During her training at Yale and NYU, she trained with some of the most important musical theatre creators working today, and integrated multiple influences. As a result, she has unusual breadth and flexibility to compose music in many styles. She also developed the ability to compose music efficiently, on a deadline, rather than waiting endlessly for inspiration to strike. Working with Sarah is a joy and a privilege for anyone who loves music, entertainment, and performance!

Eric, CA

The pop song Sarah wrote for me is extremely catchy, fun to play, and features clever, meaningful lyrics that eloquently capture my relationship with my sister. I return to the song frequently and am forever grateful for her efforts.
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Sarah Hirsch Headshot.png

I received my first official song commission in high school.  A friend asked me to write a song to help her win back her ex-boyfriend.  Although "Loving You" did not ultimately save that teenage relationship, it sparked what would become a lifetime love: writing personalized songs.


In the two decades that followed, I've written hundreds of songs, including many for specific people and occasions.  My songs/lyrics have been performed at weddings, choir concerts, surprise birthday parties, Thanksgiving dinners, holiday concerts, family reunions, and fancy places like Lincoln Center.


I love crafting lyrics and music to be as personal as possible.  I find it incredibly fun and rewarding to write with that kind of specificity -- as my training in musical-theatre-writing has taught me, the more specific, the more universal. 

Need a creative birthday present for your kid?  A special anniversary or Valentine's Day gift for your partner?  A parody lyric for a surprise singalong at a wedding?  Rhyming wedding vows?  (Yes, I wrote my own!)  An original lullaby for a friend's new baby?  A humorous toast to read at Thanksgiving?  A heartfelt ballad to perform at a memorial?  A fun retirement or graduation gift? 

I can help!  I'd love to work with you.

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